Frequently asked questions?

The Thirdsectorweb Team tender some answers…

  • Can we talk to you about our web needs?

Yes you can.

As part of our workflow you can visit our offices, you can email or telephone us – 01223 911416.  As many of our clients do, you can Skype.

Microsoft Skype works well for us, particularly with international development projects in different time zones. (Our Skype name – SmithMartin100 ).

Email us at techsupport2 (at) or contact us here.

If the diary allows us, we will even visit you too, wherever you are.

  • How will my design process work?

We create your draft layout and content on a private Thirdsectorweb test domain. (Your site at this stage is not search engine ready or link optimised). We give you a web link and you can view progress and changes to your design 24/7/365.

Before we make your site live we work through this task list. See more here

We then host, secure, back-up and update your site as needed.

  • Can I upload data and content for my site?

Certainly. Each Thirdsectorweb development client is offered a shared DropBox folder, on our account, where you can place ideas, images, text and any thoughts you have on your web site, webmail or marketing campaign.

You will already by then be in touch with a dedicated Partner for your project. Email them without hesitation anytime.

  • Can I change things as we go along?

Whenever you like! Our service mantra for updates is ‘…same day or overnight’. Obviously, if we are transcribing your latest novel for the web this may take a little longer. We’ll agree a time-frame going into the project.

  • Can I translate my site?

Yup. Into many languages. Just click the Translate tab, top right of this page, and choose a language. Voila! (We like how we sound in French the best…Ed.)

  • Do you charge a ‘build’ fee?

Nope. Only for bespoke Enterprise accounts. We agree these fees at the time we offer a quotation.

  • When do I pay for my site?

We bill monthly in arrears. Our conversation with you begins on first contact.

You create your account on our system and you can manage it as you need. You can of course cancel anytime.

In our work flow we generally think you should  allow a month for development. Simpler sites can often be realised in less time.  When your site is coherent and effective – we transfer it to the ‘live’ domain of your choice.

  • Is my payment secure?

Sure is. We use Stripe. We do not see your card information or any of your detailed  transaction processes.

Creating your Thirdsectorweb supply account and your first payment triggers all creation,  migration and aggregation of your draft site to your previously agreed domain of choice.

Every recurring transaction then triggers a receipt/invoice to your registered account email address – automatically.

(Enterprise Account clients can expect formal Vat invoices in standard business formats, billed to their accounts departments on an agreed schedule.)

  • Am I committed forever?


In reality we work very hard to deliver the best service we can, as reliably efficient as we can make it and with as good value for money as possible.

Our clients tend to stay with us for a long time but, if you need to, you can cancel your account/payment and we will happily help you transfer your web assets in another direction at any time.

  • I already have a web site. Will you update and maintain it for me?

Yes we will.

Contact us to begin a conversation.

See our fees page and select the level of support needed for the scale of your site and we’ll add you to our client development schedule.

We’ll talk to you immediately about access, security and back-ups at that time too.

  • Can I have an e-commerce function built in.

Yes you can. We treat e-commerce installations as a separate project. We work closely with you as your web partner, so that you understand how it works and what information you need to tender in order to make it work.

  • Can I have web-mail newsletters for my project/community/business?

Yes you can. We treat web-mail service development as a separate project. We work closely with you as your web partner, so that you understand how it works and what information you need to tender in order to make it work.

  • Do you build web sites with any type of content?

We do not.

As your ethical, social business web partner we create legitimate, licensed and appropriate content and imagery for social good, enterprise effectiveness and educational projects of all types.

Our sites need to be inclusive and equality focused. If they are not we don’t start the journey or we delete them.

Always more creativity and support than we charge for – always community outcome first…