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WordPress is a fast, powerful and flexible tool to use in the creation of your on-line newsletter, journal or news magazine.


We create bespoke templates for your WordPress installation.


Each one keyed to the elements of your main website or on-line newsletter.


Every site we produce in WordPress is fully and scrupulously maintained.


We look after all the updates that are needed, revise and install any additional functionality that has been added to the site, maintain the security of our installation and write the content too, if you require.


When loaded onto our servers your WordPress installation automatically generates rss feeds.


Readers of your news can subscribe to automatic updates, as they happen by simply clicking the rss button on the site...



We can also use rss to create automatically generated noticeboards on your web pages, or to provide content which can be syndicated on other websites.


Our aim is to make your blog simple, informative and effective.

Below is a short sample of some of the bespoke weblogs we have created and continue to maintain.


Diverse in style yet detailed in their faciltity.

All with many languages available.

We use WordPress

We are specialists not only in the creation of designs and installations using WordPress, but our team have much knowledge and experience in our sector.


We use this to generate content for your website, but also in the context of blogs, to use our existing resources to create trustworthy, reliable and accurate content for your blog or 'on-line' magazine.


We test our sources, our links and our installations regularly and use the latest security updates and operational cut-outs to protect both our servers and your reputation.




We believe that publishing news regularly, linked to a main web site is a great way to engage with your communty of interest.


Regular and reliable news and information sources create interest and repeat visits to your site.


Updating your community on your events, mixed with some personality and freshness, is everything a well presented and content driven blog can create.


We are happy to deliver blogs as an integrated part of our hosting and design package for new clients.

We can also design, build and install new blogs on separate domains, keyed to the colour and style of any existing web site.


Just ask us how?