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Our Alert Pages are designed to be micro-sites in their own right, which have the function of delivering news to your community of interest or which provide a mechanism for your audience to respond to you, your initiatives or service developments.


  • Dedicated micro-sites
  • short duration

  • immediate impact

  • quick feedback


New services or fundraising


We can build your Alert Page with integrated  email responses, promotional items for sale for fundraising, weather or traffic alerts for example.


New build projects


If you have a new building or major project development under way our Alert Page installation can offer visitors the development plans for review, comment boxes to feedback to you or to see images of new buildings in sequence as they are created.


Twinning alerts


Are you twinned with another town, another country - why not have an alert page of their area. Weather, traffic. cultural events, social change or educational developments in their area.


With everything fully translatable into many languages, of course.


Your Alert Page means that you will be updated and context aware for every conversation or visit you  make to your partners.


We can integrate Alert Pages into existing sites for current clients - or build specifically designed Alert Page clusters for you, even if we do not host your service.




Alert Pages - a news service from Thirdsectorweb.co.uk


Weather alert service delivered by Thirdsectorweb.co.uk

Part of SmithMartin Partnership LLP

Below is an example of a successful Thirdsectorweb Alert Page.


Offered as a free service to existing clients, this page enables centres to send us priority reports about service disruption.

Our client completes the brief message form - telling us of the disruption and we radiate the news across web pages, online newsletters and blogs.


Real lateral spread of information across your community...with just one click on your part.

This Alert Page contains...


Weather forecast for five days from the Met Office.


A constant running overview of the weather's potential to discupt services - helping decision making.


A simple one-click message form, enabling clients to enter the details of closures, cancelled meetings or other service disruptions .


Our team automatically receive the content and know where to deploy the information, often across a complex client web of sites, blogs and newsletters.


We give Alert Page incoming data the highest update priority on our service boards.


If you send information to us outside normal office hours our night crew endeavour to update all sources by 6.30a.m. the following morning.

Micro-sites rapidly deployed for any purpose

Our Alert micro-pages are fed and automatically updated by rss.

Read more about rss on

our website here...